It’s for Everyone

Poolates® is for Everyone.

  • Poolates - jumpingFor those who already exercise in water, Poolates® adds a powerful mind-body workout, powerful enough for swimmers and triathletes; gentle enough for post rehab training.
  • For land-based exercisers, Poolates® is a cross-training challenge adding the resistance and movement of water.
  • For people with chronic injuries or illnesses, people who are overweight, and pregnant women, Poolates® strengthens while overcoming limited mobility, muscle fatigue, and joint stress. For those with osteoporosis or other risk of fracture, Poolates provides a safe environment for Pilates, strength and balance work.
  • For everyone from beginners to conditioned athletes, Poolates® is the perfect marriage of Pilates with certain benefits achievable only through aquatic exercise.

A Poolates® program can be modified to meet the needs of many people. Pregnant women enjoy Poolates® because it is a safe, non-supine way to improve abdominal strength, and the balance work helps them adapt to their constantly changing bodies. Poolates® is wonderful for people with arthritis and other problems that impair mobility. Most people find that the water-based stretches and strength movements to be comfortable; and any exercise can be modified or avoided if it is contra-indicated for a particular injury or ailment. It is important to inform the Poolates® instructor of any injury or problem area so he or she can properly tailor the program accordingly.

Add Poolates® to your personal fitness routine

To insure your safety, your Poolates instructor must be properly educated and licensed. Be sure to only participate in Poolates programs offered by individuals listed on this page. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your instructor, please contact us immediately.

Marina Bruyninckx
+32 473879497

Fay Steadman, Poolates Basic Instructor
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dawn Rolfe
Forres, Scotland

Susan Frazier
Forres, Scotland

Geraldine Vander Straten-Master Instructor
Mobile: 65-96713357

Thea Hug, Complete Poolates Instructo

Michelle Martin

Matt Turner
Headingly, England

Katy Roberts
Harrowgate England

Emma Sellers
York, England

Vicki Iwanuschak
Harrowgate, England

Juliei Binns
Harrowgate, England

Tricia Buckle
Cheshire, England